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What are Little Gabbys?

gabbylogo-41.pngLittle Gabbys are high quality plush products that include a 30 Second Heart Shaped Recorder for capturing special recordings and personal messages.  After recording, the Heart Shaped Recorder is placed inside of the Little Gabby. A gentle squeeze and the recording plays. 

Each Little Gabby is made with the highest quality products and includes a virtually unnoticeable opening so the Heart Shaped Recorder can be placed inside. The opening can then be safely closed and secured, yet remains unnoticed. Record & re-record your own messages to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Little Gabbys are designed to bring personalized messages to people of all ages. Expecting mothers are recording unborn baby's heartbeat to treasure forever. This is very special, as the heartbeat can be heard and also felt. Parents are recording comforting messages for toddlers to replay while they are apart. Sweethearts are recording love notes for each other. The elderly love replaying thoughtful messages from loved ones.  With over 100 Unique Little Gabbys to choose from, you are sure to find one that will bring fun and comfort to someone you love. What a great gift idea! A gentle hug is all that is needed for the Little Gabby to play the message recorded and placed safely and securely inside. Imagine the joy these products will bring to your loved ones when they have an adorable little lamb to snuggle with, a dynamite dinosaur, a mischievous monkey, or a tender teddy bear, and all the while listening to a special mesage you were thoughtful enough to record. Little Gabbys are the most precious gift you could give a loved one.

Little Gabby's are Keepers! 

Please preview our short videos to see what is so Unique about Little Gabbys.


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Gabby's began with the idea of Little Gabbys and a Heart Shaped Recorder. See why Little Gabbys are so popular! Gabby's product line has grown to include Singing Gabbys, Personalized Children's Music and Books, as well as Certificate of Life Packages.  Please be sure to browse our website to see our entire Product Line.  Come back soon! We are growing!  Now "Get Gabbing!"